Day 11 – 31day challenge

Day 11 – List 15 of your favourite things.
1. My family are number one I love spending time with them and watching my girls grow up.
2. Blogging I have really started to enjoy it, I’m still new to it and have lots to learn but I’m up for the challenge to become a better blogger.
3. YouTube… I love it, its become my soaps, I love watching vlogs on there. Also if every I need to learn how to do something then I YouTube it. From there I have learnt a number of hair braids that my eldest loves.
4. My make up, I feel good when  I have my face done I think I look better with it on. I’m always on the look out for new things to try.
5. My apple products I love them lots, I think sometime in the future I may get a macbook pro! haha I’m giddy at the thought (must get a job and save first)
6. My kindle/reading I was unsure if I would love it as much as I love holding a book. But I am totally in love with it, it is always in my handbag ready to get out and be read.
7. Music I will pretty much give any kind of music a go and when I’m feeling a little down. I pop on some music and have a good dance around.
8. Shopping!!! but only when its for me lol
9. Photography. I have a Canon 450d which is fab, I’m trying to teach myself and use it in manual mode only now whoop whoop
10. My Pandora bracelet, this what bought for me by my husband and is now almost full 2years on. I love telling people about all the different beads and occasions that they where bought for.
11. Making someone else smile/happy
12. Clean bedding its feels so good when you get into bed after changing the sheets.
13. I cant believe that i haven’t said this so far but CHOCOLATE I love Cadburys.
14. My GHD hair straighteners I could not be with out them.
15. Spending time with friends
I hope I havent repeated myself to much cant wait to read your posts 


  1. Very similar to mine. My family are also the most important thing in my life, closely followed by blogging which has become my biggest passion. Great list 🙂 xx

  2. I used to love my ghd straightners, but they now live in my daughters room so I don’t tend to use them as much!

    Love Cadburys 🙂

  3. Ooh. Clean bedding. That should have made my list too! I love my Kindle too. 🙂

  4. Lovely list hon. 🙂 And clean bedding is awesome! 🙂

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