Yoga and Me

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When I hear people talk about yoga the first thoughts that would come into my head are. That it’s far too difficult and I don’t think I could do it or enjoy it. But in the back of my mind, I have wanted to give it ago to see if I could do it.

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There were things that stopped me from giving it a go

  • I’m not flexible enough
  • Everyone else in the class would be experts
  • What if I fall over
  • I can’t go to a class by myself

I could list more but it would all be silly little things really. The thing that pushed me most to do it was. I needed some time for myself, I wanted/needed to give myself a break from the everyday stresses and just like the quote below.

If you never try, you’ll never know.

I spoke to a few people who I knew had done some yoga, about their experiences. It just made me want to try it even more. With a seed planted in my mind, I booked on to a class at my local gym. It had a good time for me with it being in the evening. There was no equipment needed as the gym provided everything, I just had to just turn up.

“It’s only an hour If I don’t enjoy it I won’t do it again”

That’s what I told myself before walking into the the class. The instructor was lovely, we chatted about it being my first time doing Yoga. The one thing she said to me, that really stuck in my head was. “Please don’t worry if you can’t do a pose. Just do what you can and feel’s right for your body. Everyone in the room is on different journeys in their yoga practice so please don’t compare yourself to others.”

I really felt at ease, (even though I placed my mat right at the back of the room) so no one else could see what I was going. But I couldn’t believe how fast that hour flew by.

There was some wobbling in my poses and the thought of oh my god there is no way I can do that! I finished the class and walked out feeling like I was floating. The days stresses and everything else that had been floating around in my head was lifted. I felt lighter in a way and knew then and there I was going to be returning.

I found something that I didn’t know I needed in my life.

person doing yoga on floor

So that a few months now since my journey with Yoga started and I really do love it. A few times I have said to people “I wish I had done this years ago.” I may still not be very flexible but I’m happy with my progress. Not just the physical side of it but also the mental side of it. Each time I come away from either a class or a yoga session at hom. I feel more confident, lighter and at peace with myself.

I have told others about how Yoga makes me feel. Some have said they have given it ago and they have enjoyed it too.

Have you ever done Yoga? I would love to hear your experiences and if you fancy giving it a try YouTube has some great videos to get you started, I particularly like Yoga with Adriene she had a great range of videos and series that are easy to follow.

I’m hopefully going to be sharing a bit more about my Yoga journey here on the blog soon.

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  1. So glad you went & did it! I used to love yoga & Pilates but can’t do it anymore because of my spinal surgeries/spinal disease. I’m still in too much pain but if I ever get to the stage where it eases I’ll definitely start again, just gently though doing it from YouTube as a lot of instructors don’t like that I have had surgery. I think it makes them so nervous that I’ll hurt myself in class. You’ll be a pro in no time

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