Day 12 – 31 day challenge

Day 12- What’s inside your fridge
Here is the front of my fridge
On the front of my fridge in the middle I have my weekly meal planner. It’s become easier to know what I’m making each day and also shopping wise it’s fab.
There are a couple of local take away menus just incase I burn tea lol it’s very rare we order from them.
Heres inside the door
My god looking t the picture it looks so messy!
There you can see milk,sauces, mayo and some supplements that I keep in the fridge.
Yet again it looks messy oops. We have on the top shelf chutney, some salad cream, my husbands things he has for work.
Middle shelf is mainly muller light yogurts, these are my favourites. There is also some gapes, I have to have my grapes chilled! I don’t like room temperature gapes lol.
On the bottom shelf there is leftovers from yesterday which will be eaten today.
The bottom draws one is a chocolate/snack draw the other one is for vegetables.
Hope you enjoyed my messy fridge…… I must give it a good sort out to make it tidy


  1. Wish I had a stash of yummies in my fridge! Are they duck eggs at the top? If they are great choice!

  2. The fullest fridge so far on the blog link up!

    Oh I like the idea of a chocolate/snack drawer and I love chilled grapes too 🙂

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