Day 10 – 31day challenge

Day 10 – What is your best feature
I will always say my eyes and my personality. I love being around people meeting and making new friends etc. But in physical features I’m not that happy with everything but I do like my eyes. As people say they are windows to your soul.   
I could say my boobs as I’m very blessed in that department but they just get in the way.
I do like this picture of me tho


  1. I chose eyes too – and even those I tend to hide behind my glasses!

  2. I say my eyes too and they’re definitely the first thing i notice on other people. Beautiful picture too. So pleased to have discovered your blog, am now following xx

  3. Thank you for following Vikki, its means a lot and also for taking the time to post. I’ve also been over to your blog :o)

  4. Feel the same about boobs, on my post too although they aren’t like they used to be since having a bubba.

  5. Gorgeous pic. and I, too, am blessed with generous boobs. 😉

  6. Lots of eye loving going on in this blog prompt which i think is great. I love my boobs lol they’re small but i see many advantages! haha x

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