Why don’t I blog more???

Well the simple answer to that for me is… I do I have endless draft posts hidden away that Im to afraid to hit publish. There are times where I write and then when I re read I delete it all, I second guess myself, I don’t hit publish out of fear of what others may say. 

I know that I shouldn’t feel like that but I do. I’m a grown woman and I shouldn’t be worried about what others think of me or of what I say. But to be honest and this is the place where I can be truly honest. I do care what others people think or say about me. 

I’m not the best of writers I hold my hand up to that but I do put my heart in to each post that I do write. I don’t get review opportunities like other bloggers do, not that I wouldn’t mind them :o) I don’t get the chance to go to all these fab events that are normally head during the day as I work and then when I’m not working I have a million and one things.

Blogging is always on my mind as I love it, I just wish I had the time and confidence to hit post when I do find something I want to post about and on the drafts that are sitting gathering cyber dust and to not hit the delete button.

Sometimes this little corner of the inter webs feels like a rather lonely place…

I want it to be a place where people enjoy to visit.


  1. I do like to blog, I tend to just go with the flow now. You’ll notice I don’t write opinion pieces I have plenty of opinions just like the next person but fear of trolls, arguments fall outs I just keep them to myself and create a hapy fluffy place for the blog haha it’s easier but I def think you need to just go for it in the blogging world 🙂 xx

  2. I find blogging incredibly lonely and am really feeling it at present so I relate to every single word that you say. Yesterday I hit publish on a brave post. It is terrifying.
    Liska xx

    1. I find that really hard to imagine too – it just goes to show you don’t know how others are feeling, and am glad Rachel wrote this post so I know.

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