Holding back the tears.

So  here I am holding back the tears… why?
I have just been told that Someone doesn’t like me.
They don’t care how they make me feel.
They don’t care how they treat me.

I bet your wondering who this may be??? 

My daughter….

I thought we were getting somewhere with these meltdown, that we had made a break through.
Is this really part of growing up? Part of her adjusting to  being at high school? Is it just hormones.. The answer is most likely yes to all of those.

This parenting thing is hard right now….

I’m sure I probably did they same thing to my mum but I cant really remember doing it. 

It sure does hurt and I know deep down that she doesn’t really think that I don’t like her and im sure she know I would do anything for her.

It just hurts…..

Still holding back the tears.  


  1. From 13-16 I didn’t really get on with my parents. I kept asking why my mum hated me. I slammed lots of doors, called her names (not to her face, I would of got a slap off my dad). Now I speak to her most days. I think it’s just hard being a teenager and not being able to see it from anyone else’s point of view but your own.

  2. I know how you’re feeling….My girl is 12 and she tells me at least once a week she hates me….Massive hugs to you! I remember saying it to my mum and she probably did the same to her mum….I guess it’s just part of growing up but it does hurt so much! xx

  3. Oh hun my diaries from that age are just awful. I am having a struggle with my son the same age right now. It’s not just at home (after school detention this week). You will both come out the other side.

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