A weekend away with the family

Wow what a weekend!

I’m so tired today it’s been a long and busy bank holiday weekend for us.
It all started with my eldest 8th birthday, she was a little bit excited to say the least.
We didn’t really have much planned for her birthday as we were traveling down to Watford (not far from london) for the weekend. It was an action packed weekend kicking off with the drive down from the North West it’s around a 3 and a 1/2 hours drive. So making sure I had lots for the kids to do in the car so I didn’t hear “Are we there yet” all the way. I’m lucky that my youngest decided to fall asleep for the first bit of the journey. Traffic was busy and well I kinda get stressed with other drivers, not that I have road rage but some people just don’t know how to drive haha!
Then my youngest woke up and said she needed the toilet……. Great we hadn’t long past a service station, que me and my husband trying to find out where the next one was and telling her to hold on for a few more minutes which she did.
Then when we did get to the service station it was packed full of Rugby League fans. We were all making the trip down for the challenge cup final! We are huge rugby league fans in our house supporting the mighty Wigan Warriors. They had made it to the final which was being held at Wembley stadium the next day.
After a very brief toilet stop we were back on the road for a few miles then stopped to have some lunch at about half way. I’d had enough of driving so hubby would be taking over the rest of the driving (yay) the kids were glad of a stop I think to.
Once we were back on the road I could relax and enjoy the journey kids were wide awake And just chilling out singing along to CDs. It made me laugh ESP when The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars came on my kids know all the words to it hearing my youngest sing along I didn’t even know she knew the words it was all very cute. We did a bit well a lot of car dancing and got a few smiles and strange looks from other drivers. We were bald when we reached the hotel in Watford it had been a long day. I couldn’t wait to get in the shower and put my pjs on.

We had a long day head of us on the Saturday with our trip to Wembley. It was so fun such a good day out and Wigan won the challenge cup so it was even better!!! My eldest said it was the best birthday ever ( even got it on video haha!)
On the Sunday it was another long day we went sightseeing around London we picked the original red bus tour then kids even got free kids pack and a kids commentary which I though was brill. We saw all the sight’s and got off at buckingham palace, my eldest loved the royal wedding and really wanted to see the palace. There were lots of tourists taking pictures it was really a good day which we ended with a trip to Hamleys toy shop, even I felt like a big kid in there.

After the tube and train ride back to our hotel we were well and truly worn out. We defiantly slept well that night. Ready for the drive back home the next day.

I really enjoyed a family weekend away it was great seeing all the smiles!

Family time is the best time!