Parenting is hard

There are part of being a parent that no one really tells you about. Being a parent, well it’s amazing it comes with all the little moments that make you smile and proud, so proud you want/need to share it with every one.

But along with all those happy content moments, there are times when parenting isn’t that great or can leave you completely dumbfounded.

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Day 27 – What makes me feel better

What makes you feel better?

This depends, if I’m ill then the thing that makes me feel better is a blanket on the sofa and lots of rest. With the added paracetamol and lots of fluids of course.

If I’m feeling down and I need to get myself out of a crappy mood then the thing I turn to is music. I pop my iPod on and have a singe along and yes you guessed it a dance around the house, looking like a complete loon. It really lifts my mood and I feel fab, I suggest that you try it.

Pick your fave cheesy tunes and just go for it, just make sure your not stood in front of the window while doing it. In the past I have got a few strange looks from people passing by. Especially while car dancing/singing at traffic lights.

Music is quite therapeutic really.


Day 26 – 5 Favourite Blogs

This is hard, as I do read a lot of blogs and to only just choose 5 is really difficult. The blogging community is awesome and there’s something for everyone out there and I love that, people take time to share life ups and downs and everything else that goes with it.

I have been sat here for some time now thinking about who I would choose as my top 5 and really I can’t… Yes it might seem like a bit of a cop-out and you have come here to see who my 5 favourite blogs are.

I would feel a little mean just putting 5 blogs out there as Blogging isn’t easy and it can take up a lot of time and think anyone who is willing to take the time to sit at a computer, tablet or phone and blog are amazing!!!


Day 25 – Best physical features

My best feature


I will always say my eyes and my personality. I love being around people meeting and making new friends etc. But in physical features I’m not that happy with everything but I do like my eyes. As people say they are windows to your soul.
I could say my boobs as I’m very blessed in that department but they just get in the way lol.