Bringing home the books

Since we moved house nearly a year ago, we have had a lot of our stuff left in storage as we weren’t sure where we were going to put things in the new house or if we would even have the room to put everything in.

We made the decision to take everything out of our storage container as the cost was quite a bit and it really was about time we sorted out our stuff. So one van hired and filled with the contents which contained 6 boxes of books. Yup you read that right 6 Boxes and not small boxes either full of our books.

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Family Fun

When there is a rainy day, or even just a relaxing weekend where the kids are bored and there’s nothing to do (even though there’s plenty). We always get out the board games, there are two toy boxes full with different types of games. So we are never really bored but sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to play, especially as my girls are both different ages.

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Parenting is hard

There are part of being a parent that no one really tells you about. Being a parent, well it’s amazing it comes with all the little moments that make you smile and proud, so proud you want/need to share it with every one.

But along with all those happy content moments, there are times when parenting isn’t that great or can leave you completely dumbfounded.

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Day 27 – What makes me feel better

What makes you feel better?

This depends, if I’m ill then the thing that makes me feel better is a blanket on the sofa and lots of rest. With the added paracetamol¬†and lots of fluids of course.

If I’m feeling down and I need to get myself out of a crappy mood then the thing I turn to is music. I pop my iPod on and have a singe along and yes you guessed it a dance around the house, looking like a complete loon. It really lifts my mood and I feel fab, I suggest that you try it.

Pick your fave cheesy tunes and just go for it, just make sure your not stood in front of the window while doing it. In the past I have got a few strange looks from people passing by. Especially while car dancing/singing at traffic lights.

Music is quite therapeutic really.