Well its been a fun afternoon mattress shopping!!

So after putting it off and suffering sleepless nights due to a worn out mattress we are investing in a new one!

It felt a little wrong to walk into a shop and take off my shoes and try out lots of beds hoping from one to the other. I felt like a naughty child doing it but it was fun trying them all out. The lady who was helping us laughed when she was me the hubby and our 2 girls lay on a bed, she was really helpful and didn’t mind the kids trying out all the beds in the shop. The girls wanted us to get the beds that move up and down with a remote….. now i thought it would be a good idea just pushing a button to sit up when my hubby brings me a brew in a morning ( i wish he would ) I made a deal with him when we are grey and old we will get those beds haha!

So after trying them all out and for some strange reason feeling a little tired n sleepy we decided to go for a memory foam mattress it was firm but yet still very comfy. We got a discount which saved us almost £200.

So now i just have to wait for it to be delivered! What fun it was to try them all out.

We then ended up going for some food at Pizza Hut which was yummy.

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  1. WOOT! Sounds like us when we went mattress shopping, feels wrong to be snuggling up on a bed in your jeans, in a shop LOL!

    Enjoy your new purchase when its delivered x

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