Wow that last week of term sure was a tough one!

Wow that last week of term sure was a tough one!

I don’t normally get ill but boy did I get ill, I had to take some time off work to get better but I wouldn’t wish the virus I had on anyone it was horrible. I did manage to get back in to work for the last two days of term which I was glad about as I was bored sat at home feeling sorry for myself.

What had slipped my mind with being ill was the fact that we were going to the Lake District the next day…

Induce mad panic as I haven’t started packing! I spent my evening sorting through stuff for the girls and a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up a few warmer items (I wish my girls would stop growing and growing out of things so fast).

So I have finally packed for the four of us with just toiletries left to pack in the morning, I headed off to bed ready to enjoy the start of our holiday.

I woke up the next morning feeling like I had a really good sleep, I got up and went to make some coffee to find everyone was already up. I thought they were all excited until I looked at my imp…. She didn’t look to good CRAP I thought I hope shes not coming down with the virus I had as it wouldn’t have been very nice for her. She was certainly running a high temperature so Calpol administered we got ready to make our journey, with a stop off at the cattery to take our cats for their little holiday.

The imp still wasn’t feeling too good so we had blankets and drinks in the car and told her to try and sleep. The Lakes isn’t that far away from where we live so we stopped for some lunch near to our destination the imp had been asleep for a while in the car but woke up still with a temperature so Calpol given again hoping that the temperature would drop soon. She didn’t eat much lunch either.

We carried on to our destination up some mountains,windy roads, sharp bends and trying to avoid the sheep. We arrive to find our cottage isn’t ready and wouldn’t be ready for another hour and a half!!!!!! We are in the middle of nowhere… the nearest supermarket is 45min away there is a small post office that has a tiny shop attached to it just down the road. In the other direction a pub 3miles down the road. We decided to head to the pub where we played Uno with the girls and sat near the log fire. The pub was friendly with families and walkers stopping by. We had fun playing Uno with me beating the Mr 4 times in a row but soon the girls were asking if it was time to go and get into our cottage. They were counting down the minutes until it was time to head back.

We unpacked the car and the girls chose which was going to be their room. with everything put away we could finally relax… The imp still wasn’t feeling to good saying she had a headache and felt dizzy, she fell asleep on the sofa until it was time for some food she didn’t each much and still complained she had a headache. I thought the best thing for her to do was to sleep so with some more Calpol inside her she went off to bed.

Fingers crossed she wakes up feeling better…