Wow it’s Christmas eve…

I can’t quite believe that it’s Christmas eve!
I haven’t posted for a while I have been busy with college work and working in school, Christmas present shopping.
And now the day is finally here well in a few hours it will be. I have two very excited girls today who have been tracking father Christmas on NORAD Since lunchtime. 
The last of the gifts for friends have been delivered today seen some friends and cleaned the house and prepared the veg and things ready for tomorrow. 
Now we are sat watching the film the grinch, it was the girls choice. But it will soon be time for an early night once the film has finished ready to gt a good night sleep.
But of course checking NORAD one last time before bed and putting out, some milk, a mince pie  for father chrsitmas and carrot for Rudolph.
Then off to bed for my girls.
I’m looking forward to seeing their faces in the morning.