Wow Friday already

Yay it’s Friday woop woop! That means I don’t have to get up at 6am tomorrow.

It’s been a bust week with being in school and going to college but I’m so glad it’s Friday!!

Although its going to be a busy weekend and I know I’m going to be tired from it.

Tomorrow lunch I’m heading to the midlands to stay at my mums as we have a dress fitting on Sunday for my sisters wedding.

The it will be a drive back home, I know I’m going to be tired from driving a 200mile round trip and I won’t want to get up on Monday morning.

I somehow have to fit in my college work I have an assignment due in on Tuesday but I just can’t focus on my work at the moment. I think I might try and get some of it done this morning while it’s nice and quiet at home. 

Happy Friday