Where does she get it from?

This week we went on a little road trip to see some family. Which has been great to spend sometime with them and just chill and relax for a couple of days.

We went off on a little shopping trip which both my girls were looking forward to. They have been saving some money for a while now and couldn’t wait to hit the shops.

Mind you they aren’t really fussy where they get things from and when asked where they would like to head they didn’t answer with toy shops. They both wanted to head to Primark.

They love the shop and they always enjoy having a nosey around when ever we are in town. This Primark was a bit bigger than the one we have back home..

We ended up splitting up my eldest went looking in the women’s section (she’s 11) as she likes the women’s stuff. So off I went with the imp who declared she was looking for a pair of shorts.

She’s like a mini whirl wind looking around and everything I showed her she was like no, then she holds up some shorts and says these are exactly what I’m looking for…… She’s seven!!!

So shorts tried on and she’s happy with them, she then says I need a top to go with them….. There goes the whirl wind again looking and say no it’s not right what about this one. She searches through the hangers looking for her size. “Yup they have my size mum, will you hold it?” Yes as you can guess I was her shopping basket.

“Oh I need sunglasses and a hat to go with it”

I have to say I did a little eye roll and giggled at her love of putting and outfit together. After several pairs of sunglasses tried on and a pair selected it was on to hats.

At this point I rang my eldest to make sure she was ok, she was having fun looking at clothes and had a basket of stuff she wanted to buy.

Back to the imp who had now chosen a hat and now was on to the final piece she needed to complete her outfit… A cardigan, this was a quick choice as she had already seen one that “would go” with her outfit.

She couldn’t wait to get back and put it all in together.

Here’s what it looks like, I honestly don’t know where she gets it from. She put this whole outfit together by herself.

I am pretty biased as her mum but I think she did a darn good job.

What do you think?