When your baby grows up

So When my child came home with a letter about a school trip and asks if they can go, my automatic answer is “Yes, of course you can.”
This was the trip that she was waiting for it wasn’t to the local library or a museum it was for a trip to


Yup you read that right it was for a trip to france for a long weekend, seeing her so excited at the thought of going I was happy to let her go.

That was last september and the trip has rolled around quite quickly, we spent the last half term getting bits and bobs ready for her trip. I attended a meeting with all the other parents where we got all the information that we needed and an itinerary of what they would be doing while they were away. We also got to watch a presentation on the area they would be staying and also the place they would be staying I wouldn’t mind staying there myself it looked pretty. I have to say I came away feeling a little bit nervous about letting her go, My daughter on the other had was even more excited to head off on this big adventure with the rest of her school friends.

I know the one thing that I wasn’t looking forward to was the early start…. getting up  at 3:15am to be as school for 4am wasn’t the best but it meant they had a long day there… They were traveling by coach and going on the ferry from Dover to Calais .
I was feeling a bit emotional at this point don’t know if it was  the lack of coffee, sleep or the thought of saying good bye to my baby!

There were loads of parents when we got to school and most of the were feeling the same way that I was, my daughter on the the other hand was bouncing around with excitement with all her friends making the typical girly scream/noise. I gave her a little talking to telling her to enjoy every minute of the trip, take it all in, make sure you take pictures as I want to see and hear about everything she did. 

Then in a flash it was a hug and a kiss and she was on the coach…

Even though they weren’t leaving just yet I felt quite emotional and started to get a little teary eyed. I was trying to get her attention but she was already chatting away and taking photos of themselves on the coach. When I did finally get her to see me we waved and she looked a little teary too. I waved her off as the coach pulled away and I was left feeling sad. Back in the car i did shed a few tears and thought what have I done I have sent her to /another country and I’m not there if she needs me. 

I had a day of work ahead of me and when I got the chance I kept checking my phone to see if there was an update as we were told we would receive a txt or to check the school website for updates it wasn’t till early evening when I had refreshed the page about a million  times there it was  it said they “had arrived and settled in ready to take on the evenings  activities”  and to check back for photos tomorrow.

Needless to say that i refreshed that website a lot over the weekend but was so happy to see photos of her having a fab time. I have to say I missed her a lot, more than I thought I would but my youngest missed her lots too.

So when monday rolled around and i knew she would be coming home I couldn’t wait to pick her up, we were updated that they would be back at 8pm and my youngest begged to come with me to pick her up (cute I know they normally don’t get along lol)
They arrived at 7:55pm and I couldn’t see her to start with but then when I did she saw me and came running to give me a hug ,then the eyes started to well up, she gave her sister the biggest hug and said I’ve missed you.
I was so glad that she had had a good time and that she was home we looked through all 269 photos she had taken (She loves taking a selfie haha)  and listened to some of the stories she had to tell. 

It may sound silly but she sounded more grown up!

When did my baby get so big?????