What to do…

Ok it’s Thursday…

My girls stayed at their grandparents last night as they are doing some thing with them today.

So I thought I would get to sleep in but guess what time I was up?

Yup awake at 7am :o( on the plus side I did fall back asleep for another 45 minutes. Then my body said no your awake!

So here I am sat with a cup of coffee not knowing what to do…. It’s so quiet no kids tv on not kids saying mum mum mum.

I kinda like it but I kinda miss the chaos. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself all day,until I have to collect them.

What do you get up to when you don’t have the children with you?


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  1. I dream of days where I dont have to do anything and where there is no chaos then when they happen I am so utterly lost . I usually end up cleaning the house , drinking way to much coffee , blogging and having a soak in the bath then feeling like I wasted the day .

    What is the weather like a nice walk or some quiet time and frsh air without worrying about nappy bags or strollers is nice ? Lunch with some friends (unless they are as impossibe to mine down as my own)

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