What Sunday’s are made of..

 So for me on a Sunday it’s a family day where we get together and have lunch and tea. There is a rotation of who holds it each week.

We make it fun and we laugh together, today was lovely we had a great time.

It was Great Granny’s turn today and to say he’s in her 80s she can hold her own.

The girls love spending time with their Great Granny. She made us a lovely lunch which ended up with giggles round the table and telling funny stories.

The afternoon was spent with the girls doing home work with their uncle. I needed to nip out and get some things for college. When I arrived back the home work was almost done and they were hearing off to the local farm shop to get some things and for a walk out.

I myself enjoyed a cup of tea by the open fire (I love great granny’s open fire)

I was ment to be doing my college work but instead got chatting about other things.

The next think I know the afternoon had passed and it was time for tea, the girls helped make tea and set the table. I know if I asked them to do this at home they would moan lol.

Tea time yet again ended in giggles of even more funny stories to the point where I was crying with laughter. Then for some strange reason the girls were roleplaying being on an aeroplane we all seemed to join in taking part the girls even got props out.

It was all lots of fun and after the sad death of a family member recently and the funeral being days away, it was good to laugh and to hear others laugh!

Laughing in good for the soul!!

I enjoy spending time with the different parts of the family, every week there is always another funny story or joke to be told.


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