Wet weekend

So Saturday morning arrived and the question of “What shall we do today?” came up. Both me and my husband looked at each other and said ” What do you want to do?” The kids didn’t know what they wanted to do. But we knew they needed to burn off some energy.
We decided to head to a wetlands place called Martin Mere http://www.wwt.org.uk/visit-us/martin-mere we have an annual pass for there so it wouldn’t cost us a thing to get in BOUNUS! We made well I made a picnic and we got ready to head out, it had started to rain a little so we took coats and wellies then off we went. It takes us around about 30mins to get there. I was shocked to see the car pack busy even with the wet weather.
There are plenty of ducks to feed and look at as well as flamingos, otters, beavers and even a canoe boats that you can hire.
We go to Martine Mere a lot and we see different ducks every time. We even saw some duckings they were very cute. Even a kind man gave us a bag of duck feed to use as he was to hungry himself and was off to go and get some food for himself. It was very kind of him as you have to pay a £1 for the duck feed. They kids were pleased and the ducks were even happier.
We had a wonder around then decided it was time for. It was still raining so. We headed indoors to eat our picnics. The girls just wanted to play with the things in the room and dress up like birds.
It was pouring it down at this point but there were still things to do inside. They have a craft room where you can make things for a small price (£1 £2h) the girls painted a pebble and made something out of clay. The girls were disappointed that they play area was closed due to health and safety reasons. But a nice day was had!