Well Easter was fun

We had a great time yesterday.

It started with the girls having a little chocolate before breakfast. My eldest was so happy about this as she had given up chocolate for lent. For an 8 year old to do that is an achievement, I’m very proud of here she didn’t give in, it was the second year that she has done it.

We went for lunch at the in laws. But daddy couldn’t come as he’s been working all weekend. So he missed out on all the fun activities.

After lunch we went on skype to chat to a family friend in Israle, which was really nice. After that we went to Great Granny’s, she had planned a egg hunt for the girl (and the grown ups) we had lts of fun hunting in the garden and around the house. We had an Easter bonnet parade which the girls judged, I’m pleased tosay that my at won!!!!!!!

I love spending time together with family, there were 4 generations there yesterday!

I hope that you all had a fab Easter, leave a comment telling me what you got up to.