Weekend Beach Fun

Well the weather was so nice at the weekend we decided we would hit the beach!
We are lucky where we live as we have a choice of beaches but out favourite has to be Formby Point, its a great beach where the see isn’t far away and its really clean.
It was a lil windy well it was a rather windy but still sunny. We packed a picnic and a little wind breaker tent (the first time we had used it since buying it a year ago!)  I also took a long my DSLR even though the thought of sand getting all over it make my heart beat fast.
Here are some snaps from the day,
I hope you enjoy.
Such a lovely beach

This really caught my eye so had to snap it.

Someone always has to be buried in the sand right??

Action shot 

Love my girls 

Imogen’s hair is wild in the wind.

Oh hello toes.

She getting so grown up.

Our set up