way to early

So here I am sat on the sofa at 5:21am….. yes you read that right 5:21am!!!
I gave up trying to sleep as I’ve tossed and turned all night long, so I got out of bed at 4am got in to my onesie and headed down to the sofa hoping that I would fall asleep how wrong was I. After the cat wanted some love and I had snuggled down ready to drift off he started padding me and gets comfy on top of me…. I knew coming down stairs was a bad idea lol.
So I do the normal check facebook, read twitter and the news. I even closed my eyes in hope of falling asleep but no such luck even with the cats purring away I’m wide awake so I’ve made a brew and now sat with the laptop knowing that soon everyone will be up and full of energy and I will want to go back to bed…..
Today is going to be a long day!!!!