Trip to the hospital 

5:30am I stumble out of bed and lucky the wall holds me up. After what seemed like a very short sleep I creeped across to the bathroom to get some water. The waters not for me but for my youngest…

Today is the day we are finally getting her mouth sorted. 

Back in early October she was complaining about her tooth hurting so I  said ok let’s have a look and there in the side of her gum was an abscess. (Que bad parent thoughts)

I made an appointment for her at the dentist and they confirmed that yes it was an abscess, also the was a crack in the baby tooth. (Even more bad parent thoughts) the lovely dentist tired to pop it, which was hard to see my baby in pain. They gave us some antibiotics and said to come back if we needed? A week later abscess still there and bigger than before we went back, another course of antibiotics a different one this time. She said that because we have had 2 doses of antibiotics, she would refer us to the hospital to take it out as it might not go away until it’s taken out.

So we waited for an appointment and waited and waited. About 7weeks later we had an appointment to go to the hospital. She was really nervous and kept asking me to tell them not to pop it. 

The hospital were really nice and agreed with my dentist to take out the tooth. Previously I had discussed with my dentist what would happen, she had said they would just sedate her so they could take out the tooth. So I was a bit shocked when they said she would be having a general anisetic. (Yet more bad parent thoughts) 

With the consent form signed and questions answered we were told to wait for an appointment to come in the post. So we waited and waited. 

But every day she was complaining of pain, then tell me it had popped which the abscess would drain and the refill back up causing more pain then pop again. There’s only sho much paracetamol and ibuprofen that you can give to help the pain. 

Two weeks ago I chased up the appointment to be told it would be any day from the day I rang until June!!!!!! Well I wasn’t going to be waiting any longer as I can’t see her in pain and there wasn’t much I could do to help her. So I explained the daily pain and they put us on the cancellation list. 

Monday 11th March 

My phone rings while I’m at work, I don’t recognise the number. Answered and it was the hospital with an appointment “Could you make it in on Saturday 14th March?”  It came as a bit of a shock but relieved that the thought of no more pain for her. So I had to wait again for something to come in the post that needed to be signed by her Gp. 

So here we are 7am ready to head to the hospital. We got to the ward jut before 8am and were shown to the bed we would be staying at. A nurse arrived quickly and started to take all the information she needed and then it was time to put some magic cream into my youngest had to numb them.

At this point I think it all became very really and there were tears and she said she didn’t want to do this. After some reassurance and a cuddle we settled do and watched a bit of tv to take her mind off it. 

So after seeing the nurse we were visited by the dentist who was really nice and  spoke to her and was asking her if she was ok or worried about anything which I thought was really nice. Not long after another last appeared and told us she was a play specialist, she was there to help show  I where she would be going and the rooms she would see. She talked about the butterfly she would have in the back of her hand (cannula)  I think this really helped answer the questions that I was worrying over. 

Finally we saw the anethesist who went over everything with me for the 3 or 4th time. Then we just had to wait for our turn in theatre. 

We were lucky enough to be second in theatre as they go in age order. The walk to theatre was a short one and we soon entered what they call the sleepy room. While the anethesist was busy putting the butterfly in to the hand we were cuddling and looking at a book. Once it was in they let her look at it and then put in the magic water, at this point I started to cry and sit up saying she wanted to go home. I gave her a kiss and then she was fast asleep. 

My heart broke a little and some tears were shed, it was really hard to see her go through that. But also glad that I was able to be there with her as I had told her not to worry as I would be with her.

She was only in theatre for just over 30min and I was on my way back down to recovery to see her. It made me giggle that when I asked if she was ok she just opened her mouth and pointed. 

Back in the ward bed she just wanted to sleep but as there were other people talking and TVs on she couldn’t rest. We just had to wait 2 hours before we would go home and in that time she needed to drink, eat and go to the toilet or we wouldn’t be allowed home.  It was difficult for her to do this as her mouth was completely numb and we shared a few giggles about this. 

We soon were readyfor home but still had to wait for the butterfly to be taken out. She was in tears as she wanted it out and just to go home. So off to the nurses station I went they double checked everything and took out the butterfly and we were good to go. 

We have taken it easy this weekend just resting. But so glad she will no longer be in pain with the abscess. 


  1. It was aweful when BB went for his operation. Again it was nothing serious but the trauma of putting him to sleep really affected me. He wasn’t happy at all, struggled until he was asleep. That was just the first time when we used a mask. Second time they just used the “Butterfly” and it went OK…third time they gave him a pre-med and it went far easier! lol He was like a drunk midget and just didn’t care what was happening! lol

    Hopefully its all sorted and she has no more pain.

    1. Thanks Lewis, it was horrible seeing her try to get off the bed when they were putting her to sleep. I did shed a few tears, I’m hoping I will never have to do anything like that again.

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