Trip to the Harry Potter Studios

If you cant tell already by the title at the weekend we went to The Harry Potter Studios and had an amazing day!!!!!
From the moment we got on the bus to take us there I was excited my girls were just as excited.
(Just a warning this post may contain a lot of photos.)

When we got there were were a tiny bit early for our time slot so had a bit of time to have some pictures taken outside.

Once we joined the queue which moved quickly and we were entertained by staff member who was rather funny, we stumbled upon the cupboard under the stairs
I don’t want to give to much away about what happens just in case you ever want to go so I will just give you some of my highlights and even more pictures.
We got to go into the Great Hall, inside there were table set out like in the film and also the duelling table was in there along with the original costumes.
The girls had passports where they had to find stamps for but also we had the task of looking for 15 golden snitches which was a challenge that we took on and pleased to say we found them all.
There was so much to see, the original sets and lots of facts about the films and sets, the were staff around so if you had any questions they would be able to answer them or if you just wanted to know a random fact they would be able to tell you something you didn’t know. All the staff that work there have had something to do with the films be it in the props department, costume design, or extras on set.
They all seemed to really enjoy what they were doing which was great to see.
We even took part in some Butter Beer drinking at lunch time 
There were a few things outside too 
This was a blooming amazing part of the tour The Hogwarts Castle 
This blew me away and to think it was all made by hand and it was used for filming outside Hogwarts scenes.
We had a fantastic time and were completely worn out at the end of the day.
I have many more pictures of the day seen as we took two cameras but maybe you have had enough of looking for now.
If you are ever thinking of going to The Harry Potters Studios I would highly recommend it its not just for kids its for all ages, I for one are planning a return trip.
**This is not a sponsored post  all views and opinions are my own**