Treasure Trail

We wanted to do something fun with the girls that appealed to both of them, so we decided we would go on a 

Treasure Trail
Treasure Trails are fun and unique way for you to get outside and explore. They have over 1,100 Treasure Trails throughout the UK.

We have used a few of these so far in the last year and they have always turned out to be great not only lots of fun but also educational (shh don’t tell the kids).
They are a great way of spending time with the family and they have a range of themes from 
Treasure Hunts, Spy Mission and Murder Mystery.

I recently had a look for one in the Manchester area that would be suitable for our family. Here are some snaps from our day.

The girls ready to go with the Hunt
Reading the mission

Looking at the first clue
Albert Square 
Yay first clue found!

On to the next one.

Crossing off the clues as we find them.

L with Abe
Looking High and low for answers to the clues.

Making and anagram to work out an answer

I’m sure theres a clue here somewhere.

Found another one

The one we needed help with.

The last picture if quite funny really we spent ages looking for the answer to a clue, we had spent sometime looking for it. In the front of the guide if gives you a number you can txt for free to help give you a clue to what your looking for.  
After receiving a txt back we couldn’t believe where it was it was right under our noses. 

I really do love doing these treasure trails, you get to see a town/city in a different way, we saw sights of Manchester that we wouldn’t normally go to and they were like hidden gems.

I’m looking forward to the next one that we will do, I wonder where it will be??