Treasure Trail in Preston

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do at a weekend with the kids when nobody knows what they want to do. There is normally some moaning that they don’t want to do this or go there.

But Treasure Trails is always something that we can enjoy as a family, while getting to look around new places. We have done a few treasure trails before you can check them out here.

We chose to go to Preston as it’s not to far away from where we are and it seemed like a good family friendly treasure hunt.

I’m not going to spoil it and tell you about the hunt as I would recommend that you try them out for yourself as they are great fun.

Here are some pictures that I took while we were out on our Treasure Trail.

I think we all enjoyed this Trail and I was surprised there was this beautiful park, hidden away but not far from the centre of Preston. We found out a lot of information about Preston through this trail too and I’m glad that even though we were doing something fun it was still educational. The girls didn’t even know they were learning as we were going.

It did get a little competitive at times between me and the Mr who really does have no sense of direction…. Sorry if you are reading this but well lets admit it you don’t. He didn’t like it when I spotted a clue from quite a distance and then didn’t agree with the way I said we needed to go. Even though I was only reading the instructions on the sheet. It panned out that I was right and he pulled a face and pretended like he had just been testing my ‘skills.’ This happened a few times and well you can guess how it turned out……

I was right and he was wrong haha!

Have you been on a Treasure Trail, which one did you do?  Or would you consider doing one?

I would love to find out.



  1. I didn’t even know these existed, what a great idea! Seb loves treasure hunts and now that he is reading fairly fluently I think this would be a perfect family activity for us. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Shut the door! We live in Preston and didn’t even know we can do this in our home city. Now I know what we can do with the boys tomorrow. Are they only in Preston?

  3. This is a fab idea for a family day out and it looks like the weather was on your side too.
    I have participated in a few treasure hunts! My favorite being for my cousins hen party around Covent Garden in London. Our prizes were cocktails!!

  4. What a fab idea, off to have a look to see if there is one for near me

  5. I’ve not tried a town treasure trail but it looks a lovely idea for finding out about somewhere and seeing all the best places. the photos do suggest a great time had by all with plenty of fresh air. I can imagine the competitive part, it would be the same with my family too. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  6. We did the egg trail hunt last Easter and loved how my son is so into it. I did promise myself that I would do some treasure trail but the idea got lost somewhere in my Mommy Brain head so this is a reminder for me. Thanks for sharing. #countrykids

  7. Ooh I love a good treasure hunt, especially when I was a child. I would be super competitive too! X

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