Tiredness, tears and tantrums

These all started the moment we finished school for the summer!

The kids were tired from the heat and being at school, I was tired from the heat and working and the Mr was tired from work and the heat.

There were tears from my youngest and she had to say good buy to her current teacher and is a littler nervous about her next teacher.
There were tears from me as I was tired and well had the mammoth task for packing for the family as we were going away in a couple of days… I got very stressed out and well my  idea of fun is not ironing in the middle of the heatwave a number of items that didn’t belong to me.
There were lists to follow but it was hard to get everything organised I have to say that I am not super woman although at times I would mind being her (I would be a larger version of her so I hope the skimpy costume would be flattering on my big bum)
Me and the Mr had a bit of a falling out over things so we spent an evening not talking, I went to bed and left him watching rubbish on the tv. When he came to be he asked if I was going to carry on being stubborn, too be honest I think we were both being stubborn.  

I only finished packing the morning that we went away but I was so relieved when it was all done and dusted. I sent my cats on their little holiday to the cattery and I started to put the cases in the car we soon found out the the Mr’s suite case was by far the heaviest and he had to offload some bits in to the kids cases… I swear he packed way more than he needed but if he had taken any out after I had ironed it all I think I would have run the iron over him!!!

Off we went to the airport checked in no problems, got through security no problems, waiting for a gate and the boarded it all seemed to be going smoothly.

I know what your thinking something has to go wrong right????

After we arrived we did the usual british thing and stood rather close to the baggage claim waiting of those workers to place bags on
(it very much reminded me of a Peter Kay gag lol)
it was getting late around 10pm ish we checked in to our hotel ( we had stayed here a couple of years ago so new where everything was etc) We packed the kids off to bed and I unpacked a bit. 

The morning arrived and we were ready to get those sun beds like all the other brits, even though in the hotel rules it says not to reserve sun loungers but everyone else does it right?????  So I told the Mr that was going to be his job! I put him in charge of getting up early to get those towels out.

WOOOHOOO the fun could start… well you know I said something has to go wrong…. well  it did…… I started to feel ILL and after a few days I was really struggling to swallow anything even liquids I couldn’t sleep as I couldn’t breathe or swallow.
After suffering for a few days I couldn’t take it any longer I had to go and see a doctor. Lucky enough i remembered where it was as two years ago I had to take my youngest there. So even though it was my youngest 6th birthday we watched her open some of the presents we had packed and then off we went for breakfast where all I could manage was a cup of coffee and it was hard to even drink that.
I left the girls with the Mr and trekked out to the doctors once there they were really nice all though they didn’t speak much english at all they were helpful and kind. I came away with antibiotics and painkillers I had a sever throat infection.
When I arrived back by the pool the Mr said that he wasn’t feeling to clever either but being a typical man he will only take paracetomol.     

SO I guess your thinking where do the tantrums come into all of this well we had at the start me being stressed over packing… but the main tantrums well that is you call a 9 almost 10year old as having a tantrum. She pushed me to my limits a bit being a stroppy pre teen and the attitude to match. 
(i can hear my mothers voice in my head now saying I was like it at that age but I’m sure that I wasn’t) 

So all in all we are now back home where I have enjoyed a week away even though its been a bit all over the place, I am feeling much better, the Mr is still not quite right and the girls well they are…. being girls LOL

Thanks for taking time to read this rather long post