Tired and worn out

So that is pretty much how I’m feeling today, I have a busy start to my week, come Wednesday I’m tired.
I was tired yesterday and pretty much had a lazy day not doing much. It was freezing on the school run and my youngest wasn’t her self. She wouldn’t eat her food or anything, to start with, I thought she may just have been tired from a day in school. It was only towards bed time I discovered spots on her neck.
I knew that chicken pox was going round her class and I have been waiting for her to get it as she hadn’t had it yet.
She woke up this morning at 6am saying she couldn’t sleep and she had more spots, so she has been off school today and will now be off until the spots have crusted over. She’s just whingy with it not really ill with it just moaning and complaining she’s tired but yet she won’t have a nap either…..
I don’t know who’s more tired me or her and I’m not the one who’s ill, just listening to her is making me tired lol the weather is awful too it’s just so windy and wet outside. We are sat on the sofa with a blanket a d the heating on (maybe that’s what’s making me tired?) 
At some point this evening I need to get my college work out and get my assignment finished so I can hand it in next week.
So if anyone has any spare energy out there feel free to post it in the comment box and I can come and collect it, or send me lots of coffee haha