They have arrived!

and why am I so excited? Well it means…
No early get ups
No school run
No lunch boxes to make 
or uniforms to wash.
I guess I’m still going to be getting
I’m bored mum
I’ve got nothing to do mum
What can I have to eat mum
I could go on some more but it’s all going to be good
I’m very lucky to have a job that is in a school, it means that I get to spend the holidays with my girls.
We already have bits planned to look forward to, like our family holiday and while we are away my baby will turn 6 years old!! 
OH that reminds me I must remember to pack her presents.
We are also making a trip down south where the MR and the eldest are off to Wembley again. I didn’t fancy it so me and the youngest are going to have a girly day. While we are down there we have booked to go to the Harry Potter studios/tour, I don’t know who’s more excited me or the kids.
Theres also a wedding anniversary in there too as well as my eldest turning 10, I do hope she will stop growing so fast.
And before we know it we will be back at school, so I’m going to enjoy every single day rain or shine.
Happy Summer Holidays!