The Birds and The Bees *Thursdays’s thought*

OK so this is the first time i have done a Thursdays thought, so be gentel with me :o)

Im just going to answer some of the questions that were here 

When do you tell your children about the Birds and the Bees?
Well this has been on my mind for a while and a few mums have spoken about it at school. I have two girls 8 and 4. So I know that at some point im going to have to sit down with my eldest and have a little talk. As far as I know she doesnt know anything about the birds and the bees. But then again i haven’t really asked her what she does know, I’m sure there are children in her school/class that may alreadt know about it.
I’m not sure that at 8years old she should know anything really, maybe when shes 9 or 10 arrgghhh this is stressing me out just thinking about it.
When do you start telling your children stuff and how much do you tell them?
I think when i do talk to me girls about it I will be honest and tell them everything they want to know about. I dont think there is any point in holding information back. As there is an age gap between my girls i wont be having the converstation with the youngest until she asks or i feel that she will be able to understand it.
Do you buy them a book? Or do you just make do with your own knowledge?
I think having an age appropriate book would be something that i would look into that they could read for themselves and ask any questions in which they may have. I dont ever remeber having the “converstation” so i think books would be the right way to go for me .
Do you think there is an age when you think they are too young to tell them anything/answer their questions?
I do think there is an age where they are to young i think 8 is to young, even  though i know my eldests body is changing now. i think she is to young but if she were to ask me questions i would probably say that we would talk about it. i would hold until she is 9/10
Do you think it is different for girls than boys? Who will need to know about periods? Or do you wait for their periods to start before they know anything?
I do think its different for girls than it is for boys. Girls have lots more changes to their body, i think they are more likey to ask any questions they may have than boys would.
Do you keep your bathroom door closed, and toilet breaks private?
We only have one toilet in our house if does have a lock but we dont tend to use it really. no matter who is in the shower someone always need to use the toilet lol 
Do you feel it is important to explain about relationships – and talking about sex in terms of married couples making love?
I do think its important i would like to think that if when my kids are older they wait until they are in a relationship before having sex and i would tell them this.
Would you explain about homosexual couples?
to be completley honest i dont know unless they ask then i will answer their questions
Do you think schools should be teaching children about it and at what age and what levels?
I know that at my girls school when they are in year 5 the girls and they boys are seperated and they have a disscussion about things not sure what they boys talk about, but i know the girls are talked to about periods etc. I think this is a really good age to talk about it also a good starting point for parents to talk about it with their children.