Taking the camera out

At the weekend we went to Great Granny’s for the afternoon, the girls love to visit and I think Great Granny loves it just as much. She tells me that they keep her young.

She lives in a lovely house and at the end of her garden is a field that has some horses in it.  They girls love to visit the horses and the horses love it when they go over they come running a cross the field. I have always said that I should take up my camera and take some photos of them.

As we were leaving home I grabbed my camera and here’s some photos that I took while we were ¬†there. Apologies for the picture heavy post, when I start taking photos I just can’t seem to stop.

Which one is your favourite photo?





  1. I have two favourites! The one of the horse wriggling around on his back is really good and I also like the tenderness of the girl kissing the horse. Great shots!

  2. I am so glad the kids love Great Granny. Spending time with horses is truly exciting too.

    1. It’s one of their favourite things to do, we are lucky to be able to have a great granny to enjoy.

  3. Love going around with my Nikon to be honest I am trying to change from being a Dental Nurse to a Photographer as I am so nuts of taking pictures .

  4. I feel like I use my iPhone camera way too much considering I have a fab DSLR but it’s just because it’s always handy. I really enjoy taking my real camera out though so I must try and do it some more

    1. Go for it, I’m still getting my head round using my DSLR but I love it.

    1. I was so pleased that I managed to capture it and the photos not to be blurred.

  5. How delightful to have horses at the bottom of the garden. I love the shots of the horse rolling around and having fun.

    1. We love visiting them and have been in the field with them when their owner was there. They are such friendly horses.

    1. We do have some great places to wonder around, we are always finding somewhere new go.

    1. Thats one of my favs too. The girls are mine but not the horses, although the girls would love them to be theirs.

  6. I love how relaxed your girls look with the horses. I am really scared of horses after a couple of bad experiences in my childhood. Ace images.

  7. Beautiful pictures, Rachel, you are a natural, no need to apologise, keep them coming, posts heavy with gorgeousness!xx

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