Splash time

At the weekend Ol was at home and not working so we decided on a family day!

Then came the thought process on what shall we do…….

Ol wanted to take the girls to see the giants that were in Liverpool

I was kinda going to go along with that but seeing as the weather had been crap and it had forecast rain,plus the thousands of people there and it being cold. I wasn’t going for that.

I suggested going swimming at Splash World in Southport

The kids were excited when I asked them if they wanted to go and went off to get their swimming stuff.

We went for the all day ticket as we planned on being out all day. The pools looked so inviting and not to busy which was a bonus, wish I had pics but your not allowed to take photos there.

There were watersides which Lucy and daddy were looking forward to but me and Imogen were happy just to swim around. Imogen isn’t hugely confident in water so we had some fun jumping and splashing.

Before long it was time for a fuel refill. They have a pool side cafe which as long as you are dry and take a towel with you, you don’t have to get dressed to eat. This was brill for us although Imogen just wanted to get back in the pool, I hade to keep telling her that she needed to let her food go down. She kept saying look mummy it’s gone down now let’s get back in.

So we did and had lots more fun, Infact we were there for 5 AND 1/2 HOURS!!!!!!!

Imogen was fast asleep in the car two minutes after leaving.

But a fab day was had, we will defiantly be going back some time soon.


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