Sooo…. Yet again it’s been a while

I’m a bad blogger lol so this is just going to be an update post.

Things have been busy here as they always are but with added stress, with the flooding back in June I was left with no flooring and with two kids that’s hards!

I had to have it all dried out which wasn’t fun but it had to be done so floor boards had to come up and fans put in the cavity underneath to start it drying. We had to constantly wear shoes and it was cold with out having some flooring down. I was all for getting rid of carpet but having to live with just floor boards for weeks I changed my mind and wanted carpet when it came to choose some. I have to say my home insurance people were very good and I didn’t have to be on to them all the time to sort things out.

I am very pleased to say that I have lovely carpet down now and the flooding problem has now been fixed YAY! But I still panic when the rain is bad think that it’s going to flood again but I guess that just an instinct that I’ve built into me.

So with all that going on we had a visit from a friend who lives in Israel we had some nice days out and meals too. It also was back to school for my girls and they have both settled back into school well with their new teachers.

I also have the shock news that my grandad had passed away it really came out of the blue and shocked us all. It’s hard being 100miles away from your family when things like that happen.

With all t hats been happening I have returned to volunteering in school 3 days a week and also back to college to complete my level 3 teaching assistant, so it means a lot of work and believe me it’s a lot lol but I secretly love it.

So not much else has really happened.


I really want to get back into blogging I miss it so if you have any suggestions for posts let me know in the comments




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  1. You should be careful what you write on here…you never know who’s reading…

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