Slimming world update

It’s been a little while since I had told you guys that I had joined Slimming World, in fact it was back in February. You can read that post here

So I thought I would give you a bit of an update on how I am getting on.

I am now almost 19 week of food optimising and I am really enjoying it. I guess what most of you want to know is how much weight have I lost… so in 18 weeks I have lost 2 stone 4.5lbs. I can’t believe it myself really, I still have a long way to go but I have made a good start.

Over on my instagram I have been posting my weekly weigh in and also even some pictures which I will share here

I was struggling to see any difference when people were starting to tell me they could tell I had lost some weight. On instagram where I seem to now follow lots of other Slimming world member, I had seen some of them putting pictures side by side and seeing the difference and that what I did with the picture above. There is 1 stone 10lbs difference, the picture on the right was taken in December and the one of the left in April.

I honestly can’t believe the difference, it’s certainly motivation for me to continue on. The picture below is another one that I put side by side and I was completely in shock. Can you see why?

2 stone difference and the pictures were taken a year apart.

The food is brilliant and I’ve really enjoyed getting in the kitchen and cooking from scratch and trying lots of different foods too. I think some of the family favourites is my breaded chicken, burger in a bowl, curry and Diet Coke chicken.

I love that we are all eating healthy at home and the kids are enjoying what I am making but there have been some fails too, like when I made a tuna pasta bake. Must remember to take more photo’s of meals to pop in these posts.

Maybe even sharing some recipes etc with you all.

There are definitely going to be more posts on my journey, I’m becoming a bit more confident with sharing it and it want to see more you can follow me over on instagram to see more.

And if you are a Slimming world member give me a shout and I will come follow you.

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