Saying good bye to 2017

It’s New Year’s Eve and I wanted to take the time to look back on the 2017. A lot has happened in a year and I wanted to share some of my highlights.

January started with a bit of Panto, we love enjoying a trip to our local theatre as a family.

Glittery sign, reads babes in the wood

February me and the mr saw our favourite band and sang and danced the night away, there  was even a family break in the lakes.


March was my birthday and I was whisked away for a weekend to London to see a show.


April was filled with family time and enjoying days out, playing cricket in parks.

May was when I attended blog on and met some great people and learned lots

June was spent playing board games and getting outside to tale some photos this is my favourite photo from the month.

July my youngest hit double figures and we celebrated by hitting the recording studio

August is a busy month starting with our wedding anniversary this year we celebrated 15 years

We  also had a trip to London where my eldest turned 14

September meant back to school after the Summer but we enjoyed with a weekend away to the lakes to celebrate a family birthday.

October is always enjoyed when we get to spend some time just me and the mr watching some American football.

November was a quiet month not filled with doing much but on the happier note a month where things changed for me and my hearing was improved

And finally December a month with lots of family time and a month that seems to have gone by in a flash.


Now as we bring in the New year, I’m looing forward to making many more memories with those around me.

I hope that you all have a lovely New Year however you may be celebrating. Raise a glass to those who are with us and to those who are no longer with us.