Saturday’s with the family

Saturday with the family

So the weather wasn’t the best, the clouds were grey, a chill in the air.

So we decided to go to a local park! I wasn’t up for or I. The mood it the kids were so all four of us got in the car added the kids bikes and we were ready for the off.

But wait no fuel in the car (stupid ppl panic buying when I needed some!) so we had to drive around fora little while to find some. We found some and I tho k I had just got the last in the pump lol.

We got tote park and it was really quiet but all wrapped up in our coats we played on the play area.

My youngest has this infectious laugh that when she starts you just have to join in with her, she loved being of the swings. I face we had to drag both the girls away when it as lunch time, we ate in the cafe that they have there, it was rather yummy and hit the spot.

There is lots of woodland at this park so we decided to go fora walk around.

I totally wish I had taken my camera I would have got some fab shots.

Heres one that I took ok my iPhone.

We took football and a rugby ball with us so when we found some open space we stopped to have a fun. I think mummy and daddy had loads of fun passing a rugby ball around. The girls were doing handstands and cartwheels on the grass. We stopped for an ice cream, I hadn’t had one for a long time and since when did a 99 become £1.50

My youngest really enjoyed hers and so did daddy here’s the evidence lol

We were all worn out and ready for home, both me and daddy were feeling ill. So home went to chill out.

What are your Saturday’s like?