What do you do on a Saturday?
So it’s Saturday, the weekend is finally here and I was woken at 7:30am with a small child saying she was itchy! Day 4 of the chicken pox :o(
Since I became a parent Ive realised you can never have a lay in! 
Even when both my girls sleep out come 7am ish I’m wide awake.
So once medicine for the itchiness and breakfast was done it was time for me to chill for a few minutes. I was hoping someone would ave made me a nice cup of coffee but that never happened.
Saturday is big food shop in my house so I made my list and found some vouchers which gave me around £8 off my shopping bill. It may not sound like a lot but it all adds up.
I took Imogen with me to the supermarket and Lucy and daddy went to town to get a few things. The supermarket wasn’t as busy as it normaly is for a Saturday morning, maybe, I had just caught it at the right time. 
Silly me walked out the house and only when I got to the supermarket I realised I had forgotten my lists.
Shopping done and put away in a record time I have to say.
It was a quick lunch then off to granny’s house for a change of scenery for Imogen and she wanted to show them her spots.
The girls were taken to their uncles where they decorated his Christmas tree and I got to do so e of my college work.
Back home now and trust put the girls into their beds and I will mostly likely be watching the xfactor final but also I will be trying to to finish this assignment!