Returning the kids

The summer holidays are here and I’ve already heard the words

“I’m bored”

I guess 6 weeks is quite a daunting time when your child really enjoyed school and learning. But finding something for both the girls to enjoy can be a little hard with one being almost 14 and the other 10. They both are so different but so alike.

So with the Mr off for the week, we wanted to do something together and just enjoy having fun. We decided we were going to go out for a day and the was lots of  “I don’t want to go there?”  “Do we have to go there we went there not long ago.”

The zoo got mentioned somehow and that was it everyone seemed happy to go to the zoo, everyone love to go to the zoo right! Plus that give me chance to return the monkeys I have and swap them for the real deal!

So with the destination decided and plans to take our lunch and just enjoy the day.

I wasn’t so sure that the weather was going to be good tho, several apps told me that there was going to be some rain at some point, coats packed and off we went. Now I was completely wrong about the weather as it was sunny to the point where the Mr got a little sunburnt by the end f the day.

The kids were having  a great time, we got to see lots of animals, although the tigers were in super stealth mode and would only let us catch glimpses of them. Where other animals just enjoying the sunshine and posing for the cameras.  This has to be my favourite photo that I took.

Chester Zoo Elephants
Mother and Baby

I also put together a video of our day, I hope that you enjoy it.