So how many of you use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fabulous site for sharing and liking pictures with other people/friends. You can create boards, pin your own photos or other peoples, follow and repin those who inspire you with their images/posts.

I had heard a lot about it and was interested in what it was all about. 

Now I can spend hours upon hours looking through peoples pins and boards.

Sometimes I go looking for something in particular like a recipe or an activity to do with the kids. But I just get sucked in and end up browsing for ages pining and liking pins.

There is just so much stuff on there I love looking a the hair and beauty section finding new styles to do on the kids hair. My favourite section has to be the DIY and Craft section there is so much in there that iI would love to have a go at making.

I think it’s a great site to find inspiration and tips

Heres the link to my profile I would love to have new followers and new ideas to repin that if you want to follow me 

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