Back in school!

Well not only are the kids back in school so am I. As part of my college course you have to work/volunteer 10hours a weekI’ve been doing this since May this year and really enjoy it.I didn’t go straight back in September as I wanted to make sure that Imogen was settled in school and … Read More

Busy busy busy

Wow! where has the past week or so gone???? I have been busy with getting the girls back into the routine of school etc. Imogen is now in school full time after only 4 half days. She is loving school.. I knew  that she would there were no tears or anything just happy to be … Read More

Back to school

So the schools are back in YAY!!! I’ve loved having my kids at home and doing lots of nice things. But boy was i ready for school to start. Even i was surprised by how well i woke up on the first day after having a sleep in for 6 weeks, 6am and the beep … Read More

Wet weekend

So Saturday morning arrived and the question of “What shall we do today?” came up. Both me and my husband looked at each other and said ” What do you want to do?” The kids didn’t know what they wanted to do. But we knew they needed to burn off some energy. We decided to … Read More


Well its been a fun afternoon mattress shopping!! So after putting it off and suffering sleepless nights due to a worn out mattress we are investing in a new one! It felt a little wrong to walk into a shop and take off my shoes and try out lots of beds hoping from one to … Read More