Nothing like…

A morning walk.
So this morning I had to take the Hubby’s car in for an M.O.T and I had asked it to be booked in for 9am and was told that it was fine.
So I get the kids up and ready for taking the car I thought we would just wait for it to be done so packed a few things to keep the girls busy for 40min or so.
When I get there I ask about waiting and they said its only booking in for 10am
Well i could either take the car and bring it back for 10am or just leave it there and head home.
So we just left the car and decided to walk home but we decided to go along the canal and well 2.5miles and almost an hour later we get home.
It was such a beautiful walk the sun was out and along the way we saw lots of ducks that were wanting their breakfast, we saw horses that came to see us and met some lovely people who were out walking their dogs.

So even though there was a problem to start with we enjoyed a beautiful walk home once the car is ready to be picked up we take the same route back with some bread this time for the ducks.