My version of a home made pizza!

So when I say it’s pizza for tea my girls always ask if it mums homemade!
So I thought I would share how I make it with you.
First off you will need
1pack of ready rolled puff pastry 
Tomato purée
1pack of Chicken breast slices
Matter sons smoked pork sausage
1 bag of grated mozzarella and cheddar mixed cheese
You need to take the puff pastry out of the fridge about 20minutes before you are ready to make your pizza.
Pre heat the oven to 180c or whatever is says on the pack.
Then you need to open out your pastry on to a baking tray, the pastry I use comes with baking paper. If yours doesn’t make sure you line the try with some first.
Next you need to cover your base with the tomato purée making sure you leave a gap around the edge. This is so the pastry can rise when in the oven.
Once you have done that I place on my chicken breast slices.
I then put a little of the cheese on top and slice the sausage and pop that on top of the chicken.
Place the rest of the cheese on top.
Then place the pizza in the oven for around about 25 or until golden brown.
That’s how I  make my pizza, my family love it, I serve it with home made wedges and salad.. 
You can change any on the topping to something of your choice or even swapping the tomato purée fora BBQ sauce.
If you do give those try let me know 


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