My month in a minute

Hello all how are we doing? All good I hope.
While at Blog On this year, the lovely Becky, Siân and Lisa (click their names for their blogs) Were busy filming things of the day. Which really isn’t that unusual for a blogger to do right…
So when I asked them what they were doing they said they were filming for their month in a minute video. Me being me had never heard of it before, so after asking what it was all about and if you click here Siân tells you more about it on her blog.
But in brief you film little snippets of you day every day for the month and pop it all in to a little video. Now I didn’t think that this would be that difficult to do and after some encouragement from the girls I thought why not it could be fun. I have to admit that I didn’t film every day but I don’t think that I did too bad for my first attempt.
Click the video and see what I got up to this month, I am already planning on doing another one of these, it makes a change from taking photos all the time.

 Why don’t you join in, next time.
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  1. I’m so glad you’re making these videos as well. I’m addicted to watching them x

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