My little, maybe big obsession

Ok I’m going to say that I have an obsession with

I hardly ever watch TV soaps anymore in fact I couldn’t tell you whats happening in them at all!

I quite happily sit down with my iPad or the laptop and log in to youtube where I can get lost for hours…. quite literally hours.

I love watching peoples vlogs they have become my soaps I am subscribed to quite a few. I know they are normal people and I guess I can relate to the things they do etc. I love watching beauty or hair tutorials  to get ideas for nights out or just something different to do from my norm.

When I feel low I will hunt down funny videos and well when I have my earphones in people wonder what the hell I’m laughing at.

YouTube is my pick me up!!

Tell me do you watch youtube and what do you watch?
Do you have any obsessions.