My goals for 2016

Goal's, 2016


I’m setting some goals,  is it really 2016. I can’t believe how fast 2015 went. We have done so much this year, my girls are growing up fast. A bit to fast for my liking!

As the New Year is upon us, I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in 2016 . So here is somethings that I would like to do in this next 12 months and these are in no real order.

  • To get the house cleaned and organised

This one is a must do, I need to be more organised and I would like the house to be clutter free. So I think I need to get the whole family involved in this one.

  • Improve my health and fitness

I will be continuing with my Fat to Fit Friday posts to help keep me going, I am also going to try and eat better and exercise more.

  • To spend more time with family 

Now this is important as my girls are growing up and they want to spend more time with their friends or on what ever technology they are using. We still need family time.

  • Make date night a regular thing 

Spending quality time with the Mr and making sure we make time for us as we do tend to get weighed down with work, home and stresses, So time were we can just be a couple and hopefully not talk about work or the kids.

  • Blog more

I really enjoy blogging but sometime life gets in the way, I want to make time for just me and  my blog is my little space in this big wide world.

  • To believe and be confident in myself

Now this is something I have needed to do for some time, my self-confidence has never been great and I always wonder what other people think about everything. So this year I am going to believe in myself and be confident and not worry about others.

There may not be many goals in my list but they are important to me. I’m looking forward to making a start on these goal and sharing them here on my blog.

Are you setting any goals for this year, I would love to hear them.


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