Mothers Day

So what will you be doing this Mothers Day???
I have already sent my Mum her card and gift as we live around 100 miles away from each other.
So I wont be getting to see her until the week later.
As for me I don’t know if my children with have got me a gift, but I do know they have made cards in school and my eldest made me a little heart pot filled the pot pouir (it smells a little strong), which she made at brownies this week. I love it when they make things for me and the smiles on their faces when they give me things. 
I just want to spend the day as a family enjoying my children. My girls are growing up so much and so fast.
We wont be going out for a meal or anything like that….
Just to a Rugby game 
I know a random thing to do but we enjoy going to the rugby as a family its something we all enjoy and even better when we can do it all together.
Do you have anything Planned for your Mothers Day?
leave me a comment