More Children?

I often get asked if I plan to have more children…
My usual reply is 
“No I have enough to deal with, with the two I already have.They sure keep me on my toes and I have just got my career going.”
But each time I say this my heart sinks a little and I feel rather sad. 
I know that deep down I would love to have another child. 
We are both still young(ish) lol and really I’m not ready to say No I’m not having anymore children. The maternal instinct is so strong within me. There are things that I didn’t do with my girls as I was young when I had them and scared of not being able to do things or worried that I would do things wrong. 

Yes I know that having another child just to do things that I didn’t do with my girls isn’t the right thing to do. I’m not mad or do I feel guilty for not doing them, I just know that I would do things different if I had the chance.

I find I get overly broody when I see/watch things to do with babies/children but also sad that I wont get to experience those things anymore.
In my head I go over all the logical stuff like “Can we afford it?” Its not a case of can we, we just do it don’t we, we couldn’t afford it with our first child. Can you ever afford children…
Do we have space/ would we have to move? Yes we might but would cross that bridge if it ever came to it.
I could go on with all the pros and cons but nothing can change the maternal instinct/urge inside me that is saying  have another child.

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  1. Can relate to everything in this post…although we have four children. We got told to stop at 2 “why would you want more, you already have one of each”. Then we got told not to have any more after 3, and after 4 it was a “That’s it now isn’t it!”. Unfortunately, it is….but I so wish it wasn’t.

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