Letting go

Today has been a strange day for me that seemed so long away but suddenly appeared.

I emotionally said good-bye to my youngest who is 8,  believe me I had to hold back the tears as I saw her get on the coach with her school friends. She is off for a few days to a PGL for those of you who don’t know what PGL is it’s an adventure holiday with lots of outdoor activities including abseiling, climbing, raft building, canoeing and many more activities.

I know she will have an amazing time and will for sure have grown up a bit while she’s away. After spending last weekend getting things together and sorting it all out, I packed the suitcase that my she would be using. She was so excited this morning she was up and dressed early.

All ready to go.
All ready to go.

As a parent it’s always hard to let your child go, I know I found it hard today and yes I had to hold back the tears as I waved her off. She looked a little sad as I said goodbye, I know she will be fine and she’s completely forgotten the sadness and is enjoying every bit of her adventure.

Why does it affect us parents so much more??

I  can’t wait until she’s home for a huge cuddle and to listen to all the things she’s been up to.



    1. Well she had a good time but was a little home sick, she enjoyed all the activities esp the ones she was worried about doing. She even managed to bring all her stuff home with her too.

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