LEGO Elves Review

We are all huge LEGO fans in our house, in fact my lounge is covered with LEGO Minifigures and sets that the girls have had. Along with the free LEGO that was given out with a newspaper. I even made our own LEGO table which you can check out here .

So when we were contacted to review some LEGO we jumped at the chance. My youngest has been a huge LEGO Friends fan and has had a lot of their sets for birthdays and christmas’s etc. She had also been looking at the new LEGO Elves range and deciding which set she would like to add to her Christmas list. We were lucky enough to receive two sets, one for each of my girls. They  were hugely excited and shocked when the opened the package….. As I didn’t tell them that it was coming, I wish I had taken a picture of their faces.

These are the sets that we got

Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh 41077

Aira's Pegasus Sleigh

Heres what is says about this set.

Build a flying sleigh with Aira Windwhistler, the Wind Elf! Fly up to the clouds pulled by Starshine and Rufus, the 2 pegasi to help the LEGO Elves find the magic wind key they need to send their lost friend Emily Jones back to the human world. Load up the chest with cookies for the journey and then follow the magic map with Aira and Azari Firedancer, the Fire Elf, to an ancient windmill in the sky. Miku the baby dragon has the last key, but how will the elf friends get it from her? Help Aira muster her magic wind powers to blow cookies towards Miku, and distract her long enough to grab the key. Includes Aira Windwhistler and Azari Firedancer mini-doll figures, plus Miku the baby dragon and 2 pegasi Starshine and Rufus.

Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle 41078

Skyra;s Mysterious Sky Castle

Heres what it says about this set

Find the magic portal to send Emily Jones back to the human world! The LEGO® Elves have completed their quest to find all 4 magic keys needed to open the portal. Now Emily and Naida Riverheart, the Water Elf, must make their way through the obstacles in the amazing Sky Castle to reach the portal while Skyra, the guardian of the portal, watches on from above with her owl, Nascha. Help the elves make their way through the overgrown entrance and use Naida’s magic water powers to find the secret door in the spa behind the waterfall. Then reveal the enchanted staircase to get past the lava kitchen and overcome Skyra’s protective Pegasus, to place all 4 keys into the portal. When you finally face Skyra, convince her to open the portal using her staff. Who knows when Emily will visit the incredible universe of the LEGO Elves again! Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Emily Jones, Naida Riverheart and Skyra, plus Golden Glow the Pegasus and Nascha the owl.

The girls couldn’t wait to get building, after a little bit of bickering who was going to do which set they got down to do some serious building. 

Below are some pictures of the Aira’s Pegasus Sleigh 41077 set that my eldest built, she found the instructions easy to follow and it didn’t take her long to complete the set. I had to stop her to take photos as she was whizzing away. We loved that  it was an easy set to build and both girls loved the Elves and the cute baby Dragon.


Next we moved on to building Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle 41708

Now when we opened this box and poured out its contents I was shocked at how thick the instruction book was. In fact I think that this is the biggest set that we have ever made. So me (I wanted to have a go at building too!) and my 8-year-old got on the floor and we started to build, the instructions are easy to follow. There were 7 bags to this set and I loved that the stickers were numbered…. I haven’t really noticed this before with the LEGO we already have.

Heres some pictures of us having a great time building. I liked that as you built each section you clipped them to the next section, my youngest loved seeing the whole set come together bit by bit.

Now my youngest is a huge LEGO Friends fan and she said and I quote “Mum I think this is great and possibly even better than the Lego Friends that I already have.”

She has been looking at the other LEGO Elves sets and I can see them already being put on a wish list. There has already been so much play with both these sets together and I love the stories and adventures they go on.

I do love that Lego are creating new sets for girls, my girls are  very girly and this was perfect for them.



We were sent LEGO for this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



    1. It sure does keep getting better, even me and the mr get excited about it.

  1. Wow, those are very impressive sets. My girls had a Lego friends set sent and they thought it was brilliant, I’d love to see their faces if these popped through the door! They spent hours sitting on the kitchen table (not at it, on it!) putting it all together.
    Lego is such good value because they play with it for years 🙂

  2. Our house is full of Lego the boys love it – they are really into the Jurassic world stuff at the moment. I don’t think they will every grow out of it.

    1. It can be expensive at times but the imagination and story building that can be done is great.

  3. I have seen some of the new Lego Elves series reviewed somewhere else, they are awesome and are on our Christmas list, for sure!xx

    1. Its already on the christmas lists here along with lots of other lego.

    1. I would totally recommend them, I love the castle set its just fab. Yes I have been playing with it too 🙂

    1. aw cool, my youngest is really enjoying playing with these sets, I love listening to her imaginative play.

  4. Both of my children love Lego. There’s a lot already listed on their birthday and Christmas lists!

  5. This does look lovely! My son has a huge amount of lego but the girls insist on the lego friends *sigh*

    1. Always they way isn’t it. We have a lot of lego friends and will no doubt be getting more at some point, but I do really like the lego elves sets too.

  6. oooh we love lego! We haven’t got any of the friends stuff as Max doesn’t care for that (though I am jealous they have Disney stuff!). These look amazing though and I think I know some little ones that would love this.

  7. I love the new girls range of LEGO – just need Eliza to get a big bigger so I can invest in some

    1. AW, its great although I have stepped on a few pieces of lego, darn those gems lol

  8. LEGO is one of those classic toys that will never get old! It’s come a long way since the simple sets I remember playing with when I was a little girl – love this Elves set, it’s so cute!

    1. Yes I agree it will never get old, I think the lego movie really bought it back in to peoples lives and its great as all the family can enjoy it together.

    1. Yeah I love they they are bringing more and more sets out, although my bank card doesn’t lol

    1. My eldest is almost 12 and she loves building the lego, just doesn’t play with it like my youngest does.

  9. My kids love Lego although I’m the one that ends up building it for them

    1. I love building it and always want to help the kids with it much to their dislike.

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