Learning something new

So a while back I thought I would teach myself some new.
I love to learn and try new things to do that is something other than being attached to a device….

Although I have used devices to help teach myself lol

So… I hear you ask “What are you teaching yourself?”

I decided to try out Crocheting, I saw someone doing it while we were out months ago and thought 

“Oh that doesn’t look to difficult I might give that a try.”

Off I went to a local haberdashery to get a crochet hook and some cheap wool to give it ago. I hadn’t a clue where to start so I turned to a place that knows everything about everything YouTube.

After watching a few videos I started to think there is NO way that I’m going to be able to do this. They are all to fast but I looked and looked and found some slower tutorials.
To start with I just wanted to learn some stitches and see how I got on.

 So here is a picture after a few attempts and a lot of me undoing wool.

Above it just some basic double crochet and triple crochet.

I then went on a pattern hunt feeling rather confident about my skills although still very basic.
Then I saw it, I saw what I wanted to make…
A Granny Square Blanket 
Added from google images
Yes I wanted to make one just like that picture.

I looked at some many different granny square patterns and some didn’t look that difficult… but believe me, I have lost count the number of times I have tried and then pulled it apart again.
Below is a picture I took of one of my attempts.

YUP When I look at the picture it make me cringe as I know I made a mistake and yes I have pulled it apart.

So while I was looking online for patterns a friend pointed me in the direction of a site she uses (she’s a crochet master in my eyes lol) its called Ravelry I found not a granny square blanket pattern but on for a Rippled Blanket So I thought while we were going away in half term I would make a sample to see if I was able to follow the stitches etc and this is what I came up with 

TA DA……………

I know its on the side but I can’t seem to turn the picture round lol. 
I’m pretty impressed with the sample and now just need to find some lovely wool to make it.

I am really enjoying crocheting even though I’ve been told I pull funny faces because I’m concentrating so hard. 

I think I will definitely be posting about my new hobby in the future so look out for an update on how I’m doing with the blanket.