Last day of the holidays

So today is the final day of the holidays for us, I’m kind of glad and a little bit sad really.
I’ve enjoyed the family time that we have had even though at times its been a little bit manic but then when is family life not manic?????

So what are we doing for our last day?????
Maybe relaxing watching dvd’s, going for a walk….

Nope me and the girls are off to town and most probably heading to primark the girls got some vouchers for there and they love going and choosing their own clothes.
We are also going to get hair cuts nothing drastic just trims really its been a while since its been done. Well a long while for me over a year since it was last done oops I have to get rid of these split ends.

The first job of the day is going on the food shop such fun!!! I’m hoping that it will be a quick in get everything on the list and then out.

Later on it will be get everything ready for back to school tomorrow and I’m also in school tomorrow so i need to be super organised.

I feel today is going to be a long day but knowing my luck it will fly by and I wont have got everything done.

wish me luck haha