Just five minutes from home?

The easter holidays are here, but for some strange reason, I have one child off this week while the eldest is still in school. This means that I have still had to do the school run this week, I’m looking forward to a lay in tomorrow morning when she’s finally finished. But knowing my luck I will be up at the crack of dawn for no reason.

It’s been nice though to spend some time with the imp, she is growing up so fast, she will be hitting double digits this summer. While it has been a very chilled out week, she’s constantly got her head in a book, or surfing the web, or watching a film. I managed to get her outside for some fresh air.

Sometimes its just nice to sit and take it all in

Just 5 minutes from where we live there are some lakes that I thought would be good for us just to go and have a walk around, while making the most of the sunshine. Even the imp agreed it was a good idea to get out the house while it was still nice.

We got up close to a squirrel who clearly wasn’t scared of us while walking through the trees.

You really do feel like you are a million miles away from the rest of the world  there, even though it’s just a stone’s throw from our house. It’s great to see the green coming back  as spring makes its arrival.

While on our walk, I was amazed by how grown up the imp was talking life and how she see’s what’s happening in the world and wanting to try to see if theres a solution, she is wise beyond her years. Yet she still wanted to hold my hand and run ahead and explore. We watched squirrels looking for food and allowing us to get close to them, the flowers that were starting to bloom. We even got close to the water’s edge to see if there was any frog spawn, the ducks and geese made there way over to us and the imp replied Next time mum we should bring some frozen peas! she certainly keeps up with the times.

such beauty on the doorstep


The imp is already planning a picnic as there were some tables that we could use, although we wouldn’t use the tables as we have a nice blanket that we can just put on the grass, honestly I don’t know where she gets it from. She found some steps that led to a wooded area with some more tables and it looked like someone had been busy making a den. I love that she likes to explore and get dirty and just generally enjoy herself.

den building

I think we both enjoyed out time outside together, she even wants to do it again! Maybe I can drag the eldest out with us next time. I’m so glad we have this little gem on our doorstep, we will definitely be visiting more now the weather is perking up.




  1. Oh that sounds like you had such a wonderful time together. Do you have plans for her birthday? My lad keeps reminding me how important it is. Seems to think more so than his brother’s up and coming 21st lol.

    1. It really was, I was really taken back by how grown up she really is. No we have no plans for her birthday yet. I don’s think she has even thought about it.

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